About me.

Welcome! I’m Nikki! I created Communitas Wellness out of the passion I have help people uplevel their lives. I recognize that everyone comes into this community with different goals, life experiences, and abilities. I promise, no matter where you fall on this spectrum, I honor where you are at and am thrilled to work with you. My goal is to provide programs that not only provide the structure for you to achieve your fitness goals, but also increase how you feel about yourself! This community is all about encouraging and supporting others, we leave our egos at the door and work together rise everyone up!

To understand why I’m so passionate about this community let me tell you a little of my journey:

My earliest memories are not filled with rainbows and unicorns nor carefree memories of just being me. They are filled with fear, shame and an innate belief that I was not good enough. Everyday was a battle to suppress the person I wanted to be, in order to get through a day without being punished physically or mentally. I lived out my days hiding who I was in order to be accepted by those around me. The funny thing is, it didn’t help and it made me retreat even further into a person I no longer recognized.

By the time I hit my 20’s I HATED myself and did everything I could to show myself how much. Drinking, self abuse, over exercising, not eating, letting people mistreat my body, mind and soul. This lasted well into my 30’s and each relationship I entered was an affirmation of everything I “believed” about myself and I fell further into a pit of self contempt.

Then, when was just about to give up, I found something that started to light me up again and give me hope. I began running and moving my body. This lead me to a group of people who encouraged me, pushed me to be better and let me be me. At first, I showed up just for them, to be apart of something bigger than me and all the pain I was in. Then, I started to show up for ME. I began to rise up out of darkness, think differently, treat myself better, invest in self discovery, heal old wounds and learned to love myself.

As apart of my healing process, I had a calling on my heart to help people integrate health and wellness into their lives in easy, convenient and effective ways. I become a Certified Personal Trainer and Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist. Through the years, I have owned my own fitness studio, trained clients in person and online, taught corporate wellness for different companies and have hosted numerous personal empowerment events. I am obsessed with evolving myself and my programs. I am always taking new certification classes, going to events, reading books, consulting with my mentors to bring you the most effective, dynamic and impactful program options.

Here’s the real deal…I don’t know you, your goals, issues or even your favorite color. What I DO KNOW, is that change is possible for everyone. I KNOW because I did it! It is my mission to help every person who joins Communitas Wellness take all those setbacks, struggles, limiting beliefs you have and turn them into an extraordinary part of your story.

Nikki made me realize how to enjoy the process of working the mind and the body! Amazing!!

The journey has been great with Nikki. She is helping me find a balance between work and play. Highly recommend her to anyone.

I have never felt better in my life. Nutrition is up, mind is at full power and my body looks amazing. Thanks Nikki!